Julian Alvarez
Consultant / ITC Researcher PhD in Information & Communication Sciences, Julian is working for the Play Research Lab (CCI Grand Hainaut), CIREL (Lille 1 University) and the non profit organisation Ludoscience. His speciality is the Serious Game. His work in the research area targets the taxonomy of the games, their conception and diffusion in the learning, education and health markets. Julian is teaching ITC managing projects at Supinfogame (Valenciennes) and at Lille 1 University (CUEEP). Julian has been implicated in the conception and development of more than 150 Advergames, Edugames and Casual games for the account of Milan, Dupuis, TF1, La cité de l’espace, CNES, CNRS, l’ENAC, l’Académie de Toulouse and Orange Labs..

Laurent Auneau
founded Succubus Interactive in 2002 at the age of 24. At the time, he was still a graduate student, and received his master's the following year. Since then, he has devoted himself to developing the company and has focused his creative team on the social and serious gaming sectors, using technologies such as Flash or real time 3D. Laurent is involved mainly with initiating and managing high value-added projects such as digital imaging, ergonomics and custom design. He is also a consultant to the video game industry on real time 3D technologies and free to play game designing.
Teresa Colombi
Docteur de recherche en psychologie cognitive et ergonomie, elle a co-fondé en 2004 la société LudoTIC, spécialisée en interaction homme-machine et très axée sur les aspects ludiques et ludo-éducatifs de l'expérience utilisateur. Ses activités R&D portent sur l'ergonomie des jeux vidéo et sur la gamification des applications métier. Elle intervient également dans plusieurs cursus universitaires pour dispenser des formations en ergonomie des interfaces homme-machine. 
Aurore Guillaume
Médecin spécialisé en Endocrinologie, Diabétologie et Education thérapeutique. Passionnée par les problématiques de santé publique et comportementale, notamment celles liées au diabète.  Elle est titulaire d’un DU d’éducation thérapeutique (2008), d’un DESC de nutrition (2009), d’un DU sur les Troubles du comportement alimentaire (2010). Elle est également formatrice de soignants en Education Thérapeutique (DIFEP de Genève). Elle est convaincue de la nécessité de la prévention et du rôle majeur de l’éducation thérapeutique dans les maladies chroniques, notamment avec l’apport de supports multimédias interactifs. A cet effet, elle créée en 2007 l’association Les Diablotines puis en 2011, elle fonde la société Zippyware dont elle est la présidente. 

Hélène Michel
is a senior professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management (France). She specialises in innovation management and started working on serious games in 2003. She runs seminars on innovation management using games to enhance innovation process. Her research focuses on the strategic approach of serious games and on their performance evaluation. With a consortium of private companies in France and the rest of Europe, she has developed several research and development programmes related to serious games (Learning Games Factory, Serious Lab for Innovation, Immersive Ski Resort) and has organised a research team on these topics. She has been guest editor on French journals and organises an annual research workshop on the topic. She serves as an expert for the French National Research Agency. Her aim is to give Grenoble Ecole de Management an international leading position in the design and diffusion of serious games in Innovation Management. To do this, she has developed three main approaches: 1) GEMinGame is an academic brand of serious games that capitalises and diffuses the expertise of Grenoble in innovation management; 2) MyGEMinGame is a serious games design methodology which allows students, companies or researchers to create their own serious game related to innovation management; 3) Hélène Michel gives sessions on how to teach with serious games, how to create your own serious games with an authoring-tool, and how to define a strategy to implement serious games in your organisation.

Piermarco Rosa
Journalist since over twenty years in cultural and entertainment sector for magazines and national newspapers, Piermarco Rosa obtained a  Master of Science in Electronical Engineering and worked as a Lead Designer and Project Manager for many companies in the IT field, being also the Executive Producer and directing the Italian office of Gameloft, leading international developer and publisher of mobile games. In the last seven years he fully devoted to higher and academic education, first as Senior Lecturer and Executive Director of the Master in Videogame Design at European Institute of Design in Rome, then as creator, Executive Director and Senior Lecturer of the Master in Videogame Design at University of Genoa. Since 2012 he is Professor of Videogame Design at the last year of Electronical Engineering Faculty, University of Genoa..

Anna Sort
is nurse by profession, blogger and lecturer; specialized in ICT-Health with experience in both fields, works to bring together smartphone and video-game technologies into Healthcare  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  October 2012 – Present: Associate Professor at Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.  · Creating the course from scratch, using problem solving approach to ICT.   March 2012 – Present: Consultant for health apps and video games, specialised in Gamification, Barcelona, Spain.  · I specialize in gamifying processes and apps. My nursing background provides extra knowledge in the healthcare field.   March 2012 – Present: Consultant in the IT group (Innovation&Technology) at Col·legi Oficial d'Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona Spain.  · Create initiatives and courses designed to bring new technologies closer to nurses and facilitate their use..  · Research projects for ICT healthcare.   August 2008 – August 2010: Nurse, Blizzard Entertainment Inc. Vélizy, France  · First Aid courses accredited by FFSS to novices and experts.  · Organization of health events and health fairs.  · Creation and update of an online resource with health advice and prevention.  · Follow up of employees with chronicities (diabetes, hypertension, etc.).  · Emergency care.   October 2007 - August 2008: Customer Support Agent, Blizzard Entertainment Inc., Vélizy, France.  · Online costumer support and account management.  August – September 2007: Hospital Nurse, Cíclops MC Mutual, Barcelona, Spain  · Traumatology and burned patients unit.  · Assistance and care for pre-surgical and post-surgical plastic surgery patients.   July 2007: Company Nurse, Volkswagen and Audi Spain, Barcelona, Spain  · Surveillance and monitoring of different conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.  · Emergency Care..   HONORS & AWARDS June 2013 – Jury & Keynote speaker for "Serious Gaming" at the e-virtuoses, Valenciennes. June 2013 - Speaker in 40 DGPR “Gamifying healthcare through popular videogames”, Berlin. May 2013 - Professor at Venture Lab (Stanford University) course "Mobile Health Without borders" on "Gamification applied in mHealth" November 2012 – Lecturer in Games for Health, Amsterdam. September 2012 – Lecturer in the Gamification World Congress “Gamifying Healthcare through popular video games: A twist to tackle visibility in Health Games”, Valencia. 

Michael Stora
Educated as a film maker in a very famous French school, Michael Stora is also a graduate in clinical psychology (University of Paris 7) and in psychoanalysis.  In 2000, I founded with partners  "L’OMNSH" (Observatory of the Digital Worlds in Social sciences,) http://www.omnsh.org) in order to gather researchers in the field and publish their scientific articles. I worked as a clinical psychologist in a children psychiatry institution, in which I have had the initiative to create a video game workshop  aiming at curing children and teenagers suffering from behavioral problems. Since 2001,  I address  conferences on videogames addictions to  association of parents (UNAF, UNAPEI, etc.) and to Arts Centers and Media Libraries in order  to educate future teachers for the psychological approach to the interactive world. Since 2002, I worked as a consultant for SEGA, Ubisoft, Electronic-Arts, Microsoft, Mimesis, …  In 2005, I publish: "TO CURE BY THE VIRTUAL , A NEW THERAPEUTIC APPROACH", Edition Presses de la Renaissance, Paris. Since 2006, I train addictologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists taking in charge and curing  cyber-addicted patients. (French Institutions: COPES, EPE, etc.).  In May 2006, I co-writed a book   with Serge Tisseron et Sylvain Missonnier.  "Children at risk of Virtual" Dunod Editions, Paris, (Unconscious and Culture, book collection). At the same time,  I started a new psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic approach to cure many teenagers and adults addicted to chats and video games.     In 2007, I was called  by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Education to work as an Expert to cooperate to the project (PEM) " Education to Multimedias".  In October 2007, I publish: "The screens got you Addict... " Edition  Hachette  Littérature., book collection: " ça reste à prouver"  In 2008 I participated as an Expert to " The Interdepartmental Commission AB dealing with videogames Markets", commission  of the Ministry of  National Education and the Ministry of Industry   dealing with problems of video games at school Since the end of 2008,  I am in charge of the Skyrock clinical psychology unit (Skyrock.com), in order to implement a network aiming at  protecting the blogs at risk.  In 2009, the Archaos, Mellow's Quest project, at destination to obese children and teenagers, is adopted by the Ministry of Digital Economy.  In 2010, I become a member of the SFR Foundation selection committee.  In 2012, I am hired as a scientific advisor by the "Manzalab Resarch Laboratory" specialized in serious games.  In May 2012, I start writing my new book for my editor "Dunod": "Clinical approach to Virtual World, from "Mediation" to Addiction". (date of publication 2013) 

David Wortley
David Wortley is the author of “Gadgets to God”, a historical perspective of mankind’s changing relationship with technology over the last 60 years and a vision of the future impact of disruptive communications technologies on business and society. He is also a freelance consultant on the strategic use of immersive and emerging technologies such as serious games, virtual worlds and social networks. His passion is helping organisations and individuals to leverage the power of these technologies for competitive advantage and business/personal development. David is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) with a career which has embraced the converging and emerging technologies of telecommunications (Post Office Telecommunications), computing (IBM), digital media and community informatics (Mass Mitec, a rural SME) and the creative industries (De Montfort University  Leicester, UK). He is a serial entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for applying technology to social and economic development David recently supported De Montfort University in Leicester as a Research Fellow in the Art, Design and Humanities Faculty. He was also Founding Director of the Serious Games Institute (SGI) www.seriousgamesinstitute.co.uk at Coventry University and was responsible for the development of the Institute as a global thought leader on the application of immersive technologies (which include video games; virtual worlds and social networking) to serious social and economic issues such as education; simulation; health; commerce and climate change. Working with academics; regional development agencies and leading computer games companies, David made the SGI a focal point for games based learning, simulation and immersive 3D virtual environments and an engine for innovation and social and economic regeneration. David is a respected ( see http://davidwortley.com/testimonials.html ) and sought-after international conference speaker and writer for global publications on Learning Technologies, Defence and Health applications. He has written numerous papers on technology and society (see http://www.davidwortley.com/articles.html ) and is a regular conference presenter ( see http://www.davidwortley.com/conferences.html)